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Cell Tissue



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  • Boosts Cell Activity
    • Helps the body create more collagen and activate important cells like fibroblasts and macrophages.
  • Helps Repair Tissues
    • Encourages the formation of new blood vessels and remodels the extracellular matrix to heal and repair damaged tissues.
  • Supports Cell Growth
    • Helps certain types of cells grow and multiply, including fibroblasts, astrocytes, smooth muscle cells, melanocytes, and endothelial cells.
  • Supports Tissue Healing
    • Helps create new tissue and blood vessels to promote healing and growth.
  • Aids in Protein Synthesis
    • Triggers the creation of proteins that break down muscle tissue and release amino acids into the bloodstream, which can help the body respond to injury or stress.
  • Regulate Inflammation
    • Helps control the movement of white blood cells and the accumulation of collagen in the body, which can be important for preventing inflammation and injury.

Unlock your body's potential for growth and repair!

CelltiSS is a revolutionary product that unlocks your body's natural healing potential. Produced through our proprietary patented technology, CelltiSS stimulates cellular processes, boosts collagen synthesis, and promotes tissue regeneration, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to support their body's natural healing abilities.

That's not all. CelltiSS's cutting-edge technology is very effective in regulating inflammation, controlling leukocyte infiltration, and supporting angiogenesis, making it the ultimate holistic wound care solution for accelerating the healing of chronic wounds and promoting rapid regeneration of granulation tissues. It is so effective that it is the preferred modality to prepare the wound bed for irregular wounds before skin grafting.

With CelltiSS, you can be confident that your body is receiving the support it needs to heal itself naturally and rapidly. So why wait? Unlock your body's potential to regenerate and repair today and start experiencing the benefits of CelltiSS!

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