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VIP Platinum Card

VIP Platinum Card

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Everyone can be our special one with our exclusive VIP Membership. You'll enjoy a cascade of benefits so you can indulge in a fuss-free Celllora® MediSpa experience and gain some savings in return! Luxuriate in members-only discounts when you spend at any Celllora® stores and outlets and redeem exclusive products and vouchers whenever you accumulate Celllora® Points!

Relish in VIP-exclusive services such as our lavish cocktail parties, our fantastic lucky draws, members-only discounts, and premier, first-in-line invitations to any launch of new products and services. We are thrilled to have you on board, and our Celllobritas are excited to get to know you better and to create a blooming flower, a new YOU!


  • ​8x Celllora® Super Advanced (Intensive).


  • 10x ​Celllora® Super Advanced (Instant).
  • 10x Celllora® Advanced – CelltiSHINE (Intensive).
  • 10x ​Celllora® Advanced – CosmeX (Intensive).


  • ​1x CelltiX Infunsion – redeemable at Celllora® Clinic.


  • 1x AgeBlock™ Serum.
  • 20% ​Discount at any first product not on sale.
  • 50% ​Birthday Special on any single product.
  • Complete health and wellness benefits.
  • Eligible for earn and reward.


  • 3X VIP Card.
  • Top most booking priority.
  • 3x Celllora® VIP Cocktail Party.
  • 1 x Celllora® Classic (Intensive) for Birthday Special.
  • 12x Free skin evaluation.
  • 20% Discount at any first treatment not on sale.
  • 50% Birthday Special on any single treatment.
  • 4x Lucky Draw qualification.
  • Eligible for earn and reward.


  • Cancer screening for Celllobritas.
  • Testosterone Health Level for Celllomen.
  • ​Thyroid Test.
  • Tumour Marker.
  • Full blood test.
  • Random glucose test.
  • Blood pressure test.
  • General Examination.
  • 20 million Tissue Engineered Medical Product (TEMP).


Pay as low as RM14,999.50 x 2 interest-free instalments with us.

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