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Cell Tissue



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Personalised Manual Printing
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  • Unlock your cellular blueprint.
  • Empower your health journey.
  • Tailor your lifestyle to your unique cellular makeup.
  • Optimize your wellbeing.
  • Make informed choices.
  • Understand your distinct traits.
  • Personalize your fitness, nutrition, and more.

Unlock the Secrets Within Your Cellular Blueprint!

Introducing Cellinfo™️, Your Life Manual - a groundbreaking innovation that empowers you to harness the secrets within your cellular blueprint. With over 300 reports across 12 tailor-made categories, this comprehensive package ensures you have the tools to shape your health destiny and optimize your wellbeing.

Experience the power of choice and personalize your lifestyle with any of the following test categories:

  1. Cancer Risk
  2. Personality Traits
  3. COVID-19 Reports
  4. Health Risk
  5. Nutrient Needs
  6. Food Sensitivities
  7. Wellbeing
  8. Fitness
  9. Carrier Status
  10. Disease Risk
  11. Drug Response
  12. Maternity

Cellinfo™️ is your key to unlocking a personalized, cell-focused lifestyle. Make informed choices, understand your distinct traits, and transform your life with Cellinfo™️, Your Life Manual!

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One Saliva Sample. Discover 300+ Health Epiphanies.

Dive into personalized healthcare with Cellinfo™. Our straightforward, at-home test deciphers over 300+ health insights extracted from your unique cellular blueprint. No swabs, no fuss, just a saliva sample. Now serving Malaysia coast to coast.

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  • Trim Down, Shape Up & Nourish Intelligently

    Unearth your ideal diet and exercise regimen, fashioned from your unique cellular blueprint.

  • Initiate Preemptive Health Actions

    Decipher your cellular propensity for significant illnesses and cancers, empowering you to act preventatively.

  • Prepare for Your Future Generations

    Discern if you and your partner possess inheritable conditions that could be transmitted to your offspring.

  • Trace Your Lineage

    Unravel your ancestral origins globally and comprehend the formation of your distinct cellular profile.

  • Effortless and User-friendly Collection Method

    Our kits are designed for simple saliva collection, with a non-invasive, FDA-approved test tube included. We also provide free delivery both ways for your convenience.

  • Verified 99.9% Analytical Precision

    Our unique Cellinfo™ technology performs a comprehensive scan on your cellular blueprint, offering you an extremely accurate and detailed set of results.

  • Highest Standard of Data Security

    We prioritize the utmost security and confidentiality of your personal information. We have stringent measures in place to ensure your data is safeguarded.

  • Customised to Local Population

    Powered by the Asian Genomic Database, our Cellinfo™ technology provides precise results specifically tailored to our local population in Malaysia.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Our detailed reports deliver a wealth of information about your health, lifestyle, and wellness, empowering you to make informed decisions about your wellbeing.

  • 1.Hop on the Cellinfo™ Express

    Don't wait, secure your kit today and let's get this wellness journey started!

  • 2.At-Home Science Experiment

    With our user-friendly saliva collection kit, become your own scientist and collect your sample. It's easy-peasy!

  • 3.Send it Back to the Lab

    Once you've collected your sample, simply pop it back in the post to us. It's like sending a letter, but way cooler!

  • 4.Countdown to Knowledge

    Sit tight for 21 to 30 business days as we work our magic. Your comprehensive report will arrive in your email before you know it!

  • 5.Embrace the Power of Information

    Once your report is in hand, it's time to dive deep into understanding your unique cellular blueprint. A wealth of insights about your health and wellbeing awaits!